Consumer Products & Services

The services sector with an around 57 per cent contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP), has made rapid strides in the last few years and emerged as the largest and fastest-growing sector of the economy. Besides being the dominant sector in India’s GDP, it has also contributed substantially to foreign investment flows, exports, and employment. India’s services sector covers a wide variety of activities that have different features and dimensions. They include trade, hotel and restaurants, transport, storage and communication, FINANCING, insurance, real estate, & business services, community, social and personal services and services associated with construction. Services in India are emerging as a prominent sector in terms of contribution to national and states’ incomes, trade flows, foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, and employment.
The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of services sector GDP was 8.5 per cent for the period 2000-01 to 2013-14.
As per the survey, in India, the growth of services-sector gross domestic product (GDP) has been higher than that of overall GDP between the FY01- FY14. Services constitute a major portion of India’s GDP with a 57 per cent share in GDP at factor cost (at current prices) in 2013-14, an increase of 6 per cent points over 2000-01.
The shift from primary and secondary activities to tertiary activities by the citizens of a country indicates that it is on the path of progress. The growth in the services sector can be attributed mostly to the emergence of the Indian Information Technology (IT) and IT enabled Services (ITeS) sectors as well as e-commerce.

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